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Column Sentry Photo and Video Gallery

Column Sentry Video
Column Sentry® is the original, patented column protector, saving interior building columns by surrounding them with a cushion of air. This protector is very easy to install, without using any tools, and is extremely effective at column damage prevention.
Column Sentry Video
Demonstration of the original, patented column protector, Column Sentry
Sentry Products Video
Demonstration of all of our products in action, working to protect your industrial applications.
The original Column Sentry video introducing the product. It might be dated, but it's a classic.
Column Sentry 30R
The newest Column Sentry size, the XXL sized Column Sentry 30R, meant to surround columns up to 30" in diameter. The outside diameter is 44" and the height is 42". Filler products can be used to downsize this product to fit smaller columns if needed.
Column Sentry under mezzanine
Column Sentry products installed where a mezzanine would be vulnerable to forklift collisions in a distribution facility
Column Sentry photos
Column Sentry surrounds interior building columns protecting the column, the fork truck, and the operator
Always on guard