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Collision Sentry Corner Pro Installation

If there are any visible signs of product damage, contact Sentry or your authorized product distributor immediately.
To activate the Collision Sentry Corner Pro, pull out the plastic battery tab located inside the unit. Remove the door on the front of the unit, pull the tab and replace the door. This activates the three (3) "D" cell batteries that are included with each unit. The LED lights will begin blinking as the device becomes oriented to the environment. During this warm-up period, the blue low battery indicator also flashes. Note* - Always activate the unit prior to installation. Pull the tab, close the door and the install the unit to the upright.
The ideal placement for the unit is at a height between 7’ and 9’ (2-2.75 m). Install with the mounting tabs at the top.The lights and sound will continue to react until 3 seconds after the motion discontinues.
Use the integrated magnets on the back to “snap” the unit to a metallic corner or rack.
The included nylon tether provides extra security when mounting the unit using the magnets. Using the tether is optional but recommended.
Use the integrated mounting tabs to install the unit directly to non-metallic surfaces.
The product needs about 20 seconds to acclimate to the new environment and “learn” its new surroundings. During this warm-up, the warning lights will flash. The lights will go solid red for four seconds at the end of the warm-up period. This indicates the product is ready to use.
Collision Sentry Corner Pro ships with the audio alarm activated and set to the highest volume. This alarm can be adjusted using the switches found inside the unit and located below the battery compartment. (See illustration). There are two switches used for adjusting the volume – a high/low switch and an off/on switch. 1. Remove the door on the front of the unit. 2. Alarm switches are located below the battery compartment. 3. Adjust the switches to the desired setting. 4. Reinstall battery door. 5. Unit is now ready for use.
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